Foisy, Michelle Bernadette
2661 Tremont Street, 1st Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19152

DOB: 1983


News article regarding her arrest: Lancaster Online – NURSE INDICTED IN CHILD PORN CASE

Court Document containing pertinent info regarding her photographing the genitals of her 5 year old relative for her boyfriend:


11/04/2004 – Distribution and receipt of child pornography


Foisy was a nurse, who was convicted for the distribution and possession of child pornography, however this was part of a plea deal in which she turned states evidence against her (then) boyfriend, Chad Anthony Frank. Frank is an admitted pedophile who produced and distributed child pornography, involving Michelle Foisy’s 5 year old relative. He is currently serving a 35 year sentence. Foisy assisted in the photography of nude children, and witnessed her boyfriend sexually rape young boys. It seems that a convicted sex offender would be a little more careful about posting sexually suggestive things on Facebook.