Price, Michael Lawrence
71 Oakford Avenue
Richwood, WV 26261

UNDERAGE VICTIM (6 y/o female)

DOB: 07/13/1957



03/02/1988 – Attempted Sexual Battery (victim was his 6 year old daughter), served four years plus four months, followed by four years probation.


This offender is not only a convicted RSO, he’s also an activist against sex offender registration laws. (He’s also into witchcraft.) His wife, Betty, also an activist, attempted to draw support for the removal of public sex offender registries by blogging about their “Roar for Freedom”. He is fully aware that he is not supposed to be on Facebook and flaunts his defiance of rules against RSOs. Betty, a victim of child abuse herself, believes in second chances, that sex offenders can be rehabilitated. She claims to teach children and families about how to avoid abuse, then follows up her philosophy by stating that all it takes is an accusation (no proof) to be put on a sex offender registry. (Can you say, “delusional”?) Regardless of your opinion, her husband Michael is a RSO and not supposed to be on Facebook. A look through his pictures confirms our investigation of his love of anime, which features cartoonish characters that are of children, often drawn with sexual overtones. Some anime is pornographic, however has yet to be labeled by officials in the United States as illegal since it is “art” rather than real life.

We’re including Betty’s Facebook page here, however she is not a known sex offender. This is strictly for purposes of reference: See also: